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Entrant Criteria:

  • Must be a South African citizen residing in the Western Cape with a valid South African identity document OR if there are non-South African applicants, they must have proof of permanent residency
  • All the business operations must be Western Cape based
  • Must be a duly registered entity
  • Must be in possession of a valid tax clearance certificate
  • Latest financial statements/management accounts/business bank account statements
  • Have sound financial performance over the last year
  • A sole proprietor or partnership must provide a letter from the accountant confirming that the sole proprietor or partnership is complying to general business principles


The Western Cape Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards competition has two phases leading up to the actual Awards event.


This phase runs from 14 July to 10 August 2021 and you can enter via the online form on this website.


A panel of experienced and independent judges will evaluate all entries using a standard scoring system.


The WCERA 2021 Awards evening will take place in November 2021.

By receiving an Award at the event, winners will benefit from the associated media coverage and publicity, as well as business development support and prize money.


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Western Cape Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Business

In the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Western Cape, innovation, drive, and vision are celebrated through the Western Cape Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (WCERA). Established to shine a light on the province's most promising and successful business minds, WCERA not only showcases the talent found in the Western Cape but also inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their own ambitions.

Categories of the Awards

While the specific categories might evolve over the years, they often encompass a broad range of business spheres to ensure comprehensive recognition. Some standard categories include:

Startup of the Year: Recognizing new businesses that have shown remarkable growth and innovation in their initial stages.

Tech Entrepreneur of the Year: Honoring businesses that leverage technology in unique ways, be it through new apps, platforms, or digital solutions. Moreover, for all of them, finding a payment solution like Paxum with low transaction fees is crucial for the future success of business.

Social Entrepreneur of the Year: Celebrating entrepreneurs who address societal issues, offering solutions that make a tangible positive impact.

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year: A nod to women who've broken barriers and achieved great success in their respective industries.

Green Entrepreneur of the Year: For businesses focusing on sustainability, eco-friendliness, or combating climate change.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Showcasing individuals under 30 who've made remarkable strides in their businesses.

Lifetime Achievement Award: A special category for entrepreneurs who've made long-lasting impacts on the Western Cape's business landscape.

Criteria for Evaluation

Nominees and participants are judged based on a set of rigorous criteria to ensure the credibility and worthiness of the winners. Some common criteria include:

Innovation: How the business introduces new, original solutions or products.

Impact: The tangible results produced by the business, be it in profit, societal benefit, or environmental conservation.

Growth: The scalability and growth rate of the business.

Leadership: The role and vision of the entrepreneur in driving the business forward.

Sustainability: In terms of both environmental considerations and the longevity of the business model.

Community Engagement: The involvement and positive influence of the business in its community.

Goals of the Competition

The WCERA doesn't merely aim to recognize outstanding businesses. The goals of this prestigious award go beyond mere accolades:

Inspiration: By spotlighting success stories, the awards inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs to pursue their business dreams.

Networking: The event serves as a platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and perhaps even form future partnerships.

Promotion: Winners and nominees receive significant media attention, which can drive business opportunities and brand recognition.

Supporting Local Economy: By recognizing and promoting businesses, WCERA indirectly boosts the local economy, encouraging further investment and job creation.

Driving Excellence: The competition pushes entrepreneurs to maintain high standards in their operations and innovations, elevating the overall business environment in the Western Cape.

In conclusion, the Western Cape Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards plays a pivotal role in shaping, celebrating, and driving forward the entrepreneurial spirit of the region. As businesses strive to earn this esteemed recognition, the entire province benefits — from job creation and economic growth to the inspiration of future business leaders.


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